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Samsung, Google sign patent deal

Jan 26, 2014No Comments93 Views

The two companies which created the Android empire, giving users more option in a monoculture dominated by Apple, have signed a patent deal to licence

Microsoft, Apple gang create bogus company ...

Nov 04, 20133 Comments775 Views

Now the Microsoft co-owned company has sued Google, along with almost every other Android maker, accusing them of infringing upon 'Nortel' patents.

Some iPhones and iPads banned in the US aft...

Jun 04, 2013No Comments76 Views

It was long due when Apple needed to taste it’s own bitter medicine. Desperate to get competitor’s products banned (without any success so far) Apple

Apple wants to grab Samsung’s money a...

Apr 19, 2013No Comments78 Views

The never ending story of Apple vs Samsung lawsuit sees more pages of the script written by Apple. Samsung wanted a stay in holding a

Microsoft signs bogus license agreement wit...

Apr 17, 20131 Comment108 Views

Opinion: Microsoft has signed yet another ‘bogus’ patent deal with Taiwan’s Foxconn, the world’s lagest electronics maker. In a Microsoft blog the company claimed, “Microsoft

Apple gets patents on folder creation on iO...

Apr 16, 2013No Comments109 Views

The competent USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) has granted yet another patent to Apple related to folder creation and arrangement of icons. If you

Google pledges not to sue open source softw...

Mar 28, 20131 Comment115 Views

When companies like Apple and Microsoft are abusing the already broken patent system and using their patents as ‘weapons’ against competitors Google has announced the

Red Hat, Rackspace defeat the patent troll ...

Mar 28, 2013No Comments65 Views

Red Hat and Rackspace have won the court battle with patent troll Uniloc USA, Inc. The company alleged in its complaint that the processing of

Google Filed More Patents Than Apple In 201...

Jan 10, 2013No Comments43 Views

The broken US patent system is ‘forcing’ companies to increase their patent filing. Even the companies, like Google, aversive to software patents are now being

Major Defeat For Apple, US Judge Rejects It...

Dec 18, 2012No Comments58 Views

In one of the most dramatic, controversial and written about court cases, judge Koh has denied Apple’s motion for an injunction against Samsung devices. According