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Black Samsung Galaxy S III Available For Pre-Order, Availability Uncertain

Black lovers here you go, Samsung Galaxy S III with 64GB black  is now available for pre-orders in UK.Clove UK has started to take pre-orders for the device at £600 including VAT.

Good thing is that they are not charging buyers until they set a shipping date for the device. But buyers should be aware of certain possibilities before placing orders for the device.

The company will carry these devices only if they see enough interest in the device. If the pre-orders don’t generate the interest that they expect then these devices won’t by carried by Clover thus all pre-orders will be canceled.

They have started the pre-order today and will accept for 2 weeks after that they will analyze the interest. The shipment date is also not confirmed, even if they get the desired amount or pre-orders the shipment won’t start until 7-8 weeks from the date when the pre-orders close.

In UK the most available android phones are of 16 or 32 GB internal storage, but this will be the first Smartphone with  64GB internal storage in the country Samsung Galaxy S III Black 64GB has all the features from Samsung Galaxy S III.

Let’s see, if users wait for the device with 64GB memory or will go for anything else.

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Samsung Galaxy S III, 30 Million Sold

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is doing pretty well, the company has announced that it has sold 30 million units of the smartphone worldwide.

Not bad for being on sale for only 5 months. They announced sales of 20 million back at the start of September, which works out at 10 million in just 2 months. The impressive figure includes the I9300 as well as carrier specific versions offered in specific markets – United States, Japan, and Korea.

The question now is, will it’s baby brother, the Galaxy S III Mini perform just as well? It may well do with Christmas just around the corner.

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