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Install Netflix on Arch Linux

Apr 23, 20143 Comments112 Views

An easy tutorial on how to install Netflix on Arch Linux.


Netflix CEO lashes out against ISPs like Co...

Mar 21, 20147 Comments48 Views

Having paid a hefty amount to Comcast last month, Netflix CEO has now altered his view on net neutrality.


How To watch Netflix on Ubuntu based distri...

Mar 16, 201410 Comments7 Views

How to watch Netflix in Ubuntu Based GNU/Linux Distributions Natively in Chromium


Netflix, Comast deal bad for net neutrality

Feb 25, 201410 Comments37 Views

Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast for more bandwidth.


Verison and Comcast are slowing down Netfli...

Feb 11, 20141 Comment41 Views

Verizon's FiOS speed has fallen each month over the past three or four months and this is a source of great concern for not only


Netflix ready to move the masses if ISPs vi...

Jan 24, 2014No Comments52 Views

Netflix is taking a strong stand on net neutrality.


Netflix snags first award at 2014 Golden Gl...

Jan 13, 2014No Comments46 Views

Robin Wright takes home the Golden Globe for Best Actress award in a TV Series, Drama Sunday night.


Roku set-top boxes now rootable and modifia...

Dec 30, 20139 Comments120 Views

Roku's set-top boxes which were known for being cheap and simple to use have now been rooted thanks to hackers from GTVHacker.


HowTo: Run Netflix on openSUSE

Dec 22, 201354 Comments335 Views

Here is an extremely easy tutorial to guide you how to run Netflix on openSUSE.


Netflix profiles come to Android, use it if...

Dec 15, 20138 Comments68 Views

Netflix has updated its Android app brining one of the most demanded features - user profiles – to Android devices.