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Firefox “Australis” redesign go...

Apr 30, 2014No Comments63 Views

The design streamlines the menu customization, add-on management, and Firefox Sync sign-in.


Brendan Eich steps down as CEO of Mozilla

Apr 03, 20141 Comment50 Views

Looking at the opposition and then protest from OKCupid, Eich chose to keep Mozilla out of any possible controversies.


Controversial Mozilla CEO unwilling to step...

Apr 02, 20143 Comments66 Views

Eich expresses his intentions to continue to serve in the role unless asked by Mozilla's board to step aside.


Mozilla employees want incoming CEO Brendan...

Mar 28, 20141 Comment48 Views

The chain of posts began with Chris McAvoy, Mozilla Open Badges project lead who first tweeted, “I love @mozilla but I'm disappointed this week."

Brendan Eich

Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich is the new ...

Mar 25, 20148 Comments70 Views

Eich has deep expertise in both the technical and product sides of the organization, as well as the Web in general.


Mozilla updates Firefox Beta for version 29...

Mar 22, 20142 Comments57 Views

Mozilla has updated the Firefox Beta version 29 for Linux, Mac, Android and Windows. This is a massive update.


Dell justifies charging £16.25 to install ...

Mar 06, 201412 Comments146 Views

Dell says they are right to charge for a 'service' to install Firefox on customer's PCs.


Mozilla wants to reduce Web page load times...

Mar 06, 20143 Comments40 Views

The company announces a project called mozjpeg, with an aim to scale down JPEG file sizes for faster-loading Web pages.

Mozilla aims to do a $25 smartphone

Feb 28, 201417 Comments43 Views

Mozilla partners with Chinese chip maker to bring about ultra cheap smartphones.


Mozilla will start showing ads in Firefox

Feb 11, 20141 Comment76 Views

I am not sure whether the Open Source community will be embracing it with 'Open' hands especially as we see a clear conflict between Mozilla's