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KDE community refutes Canonical developer&...

Mar 24, 20149 Comments85 Views

KDE developers have refuted claims by Canonical developer that display server doesn't matter.

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Chromium ported to Mir display server

Mar 05, 201439 Comments2 Views

Chromium browser has been successfully ported to Mir display server.


Canonical to show off Mir enabled Ubuntu To...

Feb 22, 20141 Comment73 Views

Canonical to show off Mir enabled Ubuntu Touch for mobiles and tablets at the MWC


Chromium on Wayland

Oct 07, 201335 Comments478 Views

Chromium developers have started working on the alternatives of X11 window systems on Linux such as Wayland.


Ubuntu 13.10 will not use XMir by default

Oct 02, 201310 Comments135 Views

Ubuntu 13.10 was expected to use XMir as its display server by default but due to some "outstanding technical difficulties" XMir won't be used as

Intel, Red Hat working on enabling Wayland ...

Sep 10, 20131 Comment174 Views

Open Source is all about collaboration and contribution and two leading communities are working towards making Wayland a reality. Intel and Red Hat developers are

Intel not to support Ubuntu’s XMir

Sep 08, 20135 Comments206 Views

As a major set-back to Canonical’s plans for Mir, Intell has pulled the carpet from underneath Canonical by announcing that they won’t support XMir. Intel’s

XMir now available for Ubuntu 13.10 ‘...

Aug 10, 2013No Comments38 Views

XMir, display server developed by Canonical for Linux is now available for Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy salamander. XMir will be the default display server for the

Xubuntu offers 13.10 ISO based on XMIR

Aug 05, 2013No Comments174 Views

While Ubuntu is switching to MIR from Xorg, ditching Wayland, other Ubuntu flavors have not yet decided whether they will follow the suite of not.

Lubuntu, Kubuntu 13.10 May Not Use Mir As T...

Jul 01, 2013No Comments98 Views

With Canonical is developing Mir, a new display server and making it default in Ubuntu 13.10, other Ubuntu derivatives are faced with the difficulty to