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Fascinated by the new gestures/UX Facebook Paper app introduced, John Tregoning thought about replicating some of its features using plain HTML, CSS and Javascript.

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"A Journey through Middle-Earth" is an interactive web experience to explore various important parts of the Middle-Earth universe of The Hobbit.

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HTML5 playback has recently been added in the online movie streaming site, thus giving a ray of hope for GNU/Linux lovers.

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In a disturbing move W3C announced that the creator of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee has agreed to lock the web and take the control from user and hand it over to companies and trolls.

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If you longed to watch Netflix on your Linux computer, here is some good news for you. According to a blog post by Netflix's...

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Google updated the dev channel of Chrome OS to version 27.0.1438.8 for all Chrome OS devices. This build contains a number of stability fixes...

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Netflix has pushed an update today to its Chrome Store app which brings support for the ARM-based Samsung Chromebook. Google has been working with Netflix...

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Unlocking the power of the Web on mobile, Mozilla on Sunday announced the first phones powered by its HTML5-focused Firefox mobile operating system (OS)...

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DRM, also known as Digital Repression Management, is one of the most dangerous technologies with insecure media company want to use for their 'works'...

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At Google I/O earlier this year, developers were given a glimpse of Movi.Kanti.revo, a new sensory Chrome experiment designed by Cirque du Soleil and...