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Google donates Raspberry Pi to Tokyo students

Google is one of those few companies which maintain a fine balance between free software/open source and their commercial offerings. They are fairly successful in both. Google is also one of the strongest proponents of free software/open source and do as much as they can.

After funding Raspberry Pi in the UK, Google is now bringing this device to Tokyo studens. Erics Schmidt, Google’s chairman says, “So I’m proud to be in Tokyo today to announce that we’re donating 5,000 Raspberry Pi to reach out to 25,000 students—and partnering with CANVAS to help teachers teach their students using the credit-card-sized mini-PC.”

The reason he cites for giving away Raspberry Pi devices was, “Japan’s math and science curriculum is the envy of the world, but it suffers from a shortage of high-skill young computer science professionals. The truth is, you can’t produce great hardware without great software. And you can’t produce great software without great programmers.”