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US based Mortals can now buy Google Glass

May 13, 2014No Comments51 Views

The device is back on sale, this time there seems to be no time limit on availability.


Google Glass Tear Down reveals parts cost o...

May 02, 20141 Comment65 Views

Teardown reveals that Google Glass estimated cost of parts total to just $80!


Google patents Google Glass with 2 projecti...

Apr 30, 2014No Comments54 Views

There are speculations that two screens could allow Google Glass to offer 3D experience and make glass usage more immersive.


Anyone in the US can purchase Glass for one...

Apr 11, 20141 Comment50 Views

It is being said that Google is in the process of expanding its Glass project in a big way by making it available for anyone


When Google Glass saved a patient’s l...

Apr 09, 2014No Comments41 Views

Doctor uses Google Glass to save patient's life in an emergency case.

Google wants to trademark ‘Glass’ but b...

Apr 05, 20142 Comments55 Views

Google is trying hard to register ‘Glass’ as a trademark for its wearable computer glasses. However, the search giant hasn’t been able to get through


Designer Marc Newson says Google Glass make...

Mar 29, 2014No Comments57 Views

Newson doesn’t really appreciate the manner in which the design industry approaches manufacturing and also how it brings things to market.


Ray Ban and other mega brands to bring Goog...

Mar 24, 20144 Comments78 Views

I think Glass will play a bigger role in grand schemes of things as it hold much more potential than Watch.


NBA players dawn Google Glass offer new per...

Mar 23, 20144 Comments48 Views

The NBA's (National Basketball League) most technologically advanced team, the Sacremento Kings, will soon be wearing Google Glass


Google lobbies to stop anti-Glass legislati...

Feb 25, 201410 Comments39 Views

Some eight U.S. states are mulling banning driving with headsets such as Google Glass.