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Firefox “Australis” redesign go...

Apr 30, 2014No Comments52 Views

The design streamlines the menu customization, add-on management, and Firefox Sync sign-in.


Mozilla updates Firefox Beta for version 29...

Mar 22, 20142 Comments47 Views

Mozilla has updated the Firefox Beta version 29 for Linux, Mac, Android and Windows. This is a massive update.


Five easy-to-use Firefox tips

Mar 14, 201410 Comments49 Views

These simple Firefox tips will make your life a lot easier. Read on...


Dell justifies charging £16.25 to install ...

Mar 06, 201412 Comments86 Views

Dell says they are right to charge for a 'service' to install Firefox on customer's PCs.


Mozilla wants to reduce Web page load times...

Mar 06, 20143 Comments35 Views

The company announces a project called mozjpeg, with an aim to scale down JPEG file sizes for faster-loading Web pages.


Firefox ads won’t be tracking users

Feb 14, 2014No Comments43 Views

Mozilla won't track users in order to show ads in Tiles.


Mozilla will start showing ads in Firefox

Feb 11, 20141 Comment62 Views

I am not sure whether the Open Source community will be embracing it with 'Open' hands especially as we see a clear conflict between Mozilla's


Don’t blindly trust Open Source, veri...

Jan 14, 2014No Comments40 Views

There is one such player in the consumer space which can boast of it's fully open source product and that's Mozilla.


Mozilla organizes Gaming contest for web, d...

Dec 05, 20136 Comments75 Views

Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox browser and operating system, is organizing a contest for creating games. They have teamed up with Goo Technologies for Mozilla


Third-party cookie-blocking in Firefox dela...

Nov 07, 20139 Comments750 Views

The feature first seemed on track for Firefox 22, which launched in June this year.