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It's no argument that patent reform has been long overdue for reform. The EFF details just what the White House is doing to make good on last year's promise

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Since the courts have invalidated the FCC's Net Neutrality Rules, what can be done now?

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EFF has published a blog stating how Mark Shuttleworth was totally wrong when he talked about defending Canonical's trademarks.

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Canonical has sent Micah. F.Lee, a staff technologist at EFF, a take-down notice for a website he started to educate people about fixing the privacy invasive feature Canonical has built in Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu 12.10 met with some controversy before and after it's launch. Initially it was about the inclusion of Amazon Ads and privacy in the...

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The entertainment industry which is failing to keep up with the innovation and is relying on Flintstones model is conspiring with the US congress...