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Google’s Chromecast sells more than 1...

May 22, 20145 Comments70 Views

Google introduced the £30 Chromecast in the UK back in March following the successful launch of the device in the US.

Google’s Chromecast arriving in UK on...

Mar 19, 20144 Comments33 Views

People in UK have a good news coming their way. So far, those who wanted to lay their hands on Chromecast had to import one


Google’s Chromecast Arriving In UK On...

Mar 16, 201411 Comments42 Views

People in UK have good news coming their way. So far, those who wanted to lay their hands on Chromecast had to import one from


Chromecast concept shows futuristic redesig...

Mar 09, 201415 Comments51 Views

Futuristic Chromecast design reminds us that our gadgets should be beautiful and functional.


AllCast adds DLNA support

Mar 07, 20147 Comments72 Views

Koushik Dutta, the famed developer of CyanogenMOD has added DLNA support to his AllCast Android app.


Walmart’s VUDU now supports Chromecas...

Mar 05, 201410 Comments57 Views

VUDU has announced in a blog post that they are bringing Chromecast support to their video streaming service soon.


Chromecast support is coming to Chrome for ...

Mar 04, 20147 Comments52 Views

Now you can enable Chromecast support in the Chrome for Android browser.


AllCast update brings Chromecast fixes and ...

Feb 27, 2014No Comments35 Views

Koushik Dutta has pushed updates to AllCast app which brings UI improvements.


Google releases beta channel for Chromecast...

Feb 21, 20141 Comment52 Views

Google has finally started to expose its Chromecast, the $35 magical device which can be found in majority of US homes, to 3rd party developers.


CyanogenMOD developer demos Android Mirrori...

Feb 16, 2014No Comments122 Views

Koushik Dutta has demoed Android mirroring on Chromecast.