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Portal coming to NVidia Shield soon

Mar 26, 20146 Comments44 Views

“Our companies have a strong history working together and we’re looking forward to Portal‘s arrival on SHIELD.”


Minecraft cancels Oculus Rift released due ...

Mar 25, 20146 Comments89 Views

Minecraft has canceled their version for the virtual reality device as soon as they got the news of this acquisition.


Flappy Bird will be back with new improved ...

Mar 20, 20145 Comments48 Views

New and ‘better’ version of flappy bird is in the works.

Google working on Nexus TV?

Google Announcing exciting new Additions to...

Mar 17, 20146 Comments48 Views

Google has now decided to bring their cross platform service even closer by allowing cross platform multiplayer support for games of both platforms in the


MantaMod version 1.3 adds 3D support for An...

Mar 17, 201412 Comments86 Views

The MantaMod driver works directly at the OpenGL ES stream.

Google working on Nexus TV?

Google Acquires Game Controller firm

Mar 15, 20145 Comments46 Views

Rumours have been going round the internet for about a year that Google is working on a Set top box that will also double up


Leaked: Amazon’s Supposed Game Contro...

Mar 14, 20145 Comments50 Views

The leaked image was traced back to have originated from Anatel, Brazilian Telecommunication company. According to the leaked image, the controller looks awfully similar to

Google working on Nexus TV?

Google speeds up Nexus TV goal with new acq...

Mar 13, 20143 Comments48 Views

Google seems to be prepping up for the launch of its Nexus TV, which will be a Android-powered set-top box this year.


Smash Hit: A Queer game to hit the Play Sto...

Mar 11, 201415 Comments64 Views

Unlike the company name, the game’s name isn’t a misnomer. In this game you are given a fixed amount of balls and set to move


The Walking Dead confirmed for mobile platf...

Mar 09, 201411 Comments61 Views

The game will be an engaging narrative driven free to play game that will match “against-all-odds action and moment-to-moment tension” of the TV series.