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Cut the Rope 2 released on Play Store

Mar 31, 20142 Comments36 Views

Om Nom is joined by various new friends who help him in getting his candies back from the spiders who stole them.


Game Fever: Vector

Feb 08, 201356 Comments207 Views

It’s that time again, and this time it’s about a 2D side-scroller parkour game called Vector. The story of the game is that you escape

Game Fever: Temple Run 2

Jan 25, 201367 Comments1142 Views

The first Friday Game Fever app that gets our attention is of course this week’s most popular one: Temple Run 2. Android users had to

Need for Speed Most Wanted For Android

Oct 31, 201273 Comments61 Views

Need for Speed Most Wanted is now available for pretty much every platform, especially Android on the Google Play Store. The game is powered by

Doom 3 Now Runs On Android

Aug 10, 20128 Comments77 Views

After Doom 3 was open-sourced in November last year, efforts had been made to improve th source code and port it to different platforms. Polish

The Dark Knight Rises For Android Now Avail...

Jul 20, 201279 Comments93 Views

Gameloft, the publishers of popular games like Assassin’s Creed, has released The Dark Knight Rises for Android as the movie hits the theater. The game

Amazing Alex Joins Angry Birds On Android

Jul 12, 20127 Comments49 Views

Rovio Mobile, the creator of Angry Birds, has finally launched Amazing Alex for Android devices. There are three editions of the game: free, paid and

Max Payne For Android Coming June 14th

Jun 12, 2012No Comments47 Views

Android is fast becoming a hub for popular games. Rockstar Games has confirmed that Max Payne Mobile is coming for select Android powered devices this