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Teamlab Office Main Page

Teamlab Office solves file formatting probl...

May 13, 20142 Comments81 Views

Teamlab Office is a cloud based office suite that may solve the formatting issues that many face when switching between office programs.

LG Chromebase front and side view

Is Writer the Internet Typewriter?

May 12, 20141 Comment93 Views

Is Writer an Internet typewriter, or another me too product?


Best webcam app for Chromebooks

Apr 29, 20142 Comments141 Views

Chromebooks do not have software to control their webcams. So what is the best webcam app for Chromebooks from the Chrome Web Store?


Google Docs vs Office Online: Best office f...

Apr 22, 201434 Comments3 Views

There are two options to be able to write papers on a Chromebook: Google Docs or Office Online. Which office for Chromebooks is best?


HP Chromebook 14 Review – New Chromeb...

Apr 20, 20149 Comments144 Views

I expected the HP Chromebook 14 to be like a tablet, slow and simple, but it has surprised me in its functionality, ease of use,

Emmabuntus Linux distribution LXDE desktop

Emmabuntüs: A philanthropist’s GNU/L...

Apr 20, 20141 Comment90 Views

Emmabuntüs, a GNU/Linux distro with humanitarian goals, extends the life of older hardware.


Top 6 cloud storage services for Android

Apr 18, 20142 Comments69 Views

Muktware finds the best 6 cloud storage services for Android devices based on user needs

Ubuntu 14.04 is quite a decent release.

Ubuntu 14.04 review: comparison with Mac OS...

Apr 17, 201412 Comments338 Views

Ubuntu 14.04 is really a good release which has been tweaked (return of menus) to make it easier for previous LTS users to upgrade to


Microweber pumps some ‘life’ in...

Apr 16, 2014No Comments50 Views

Microweber is a fresh open source CMS solution for a lively user and design experience


Pixlr Image Editor – Photoshop for Ch...

Apr 09, 20144 Comments80 Views

For multimedia creation and editing, how does Pixlr stack up?