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Thomas Holbrook II

Thomas first encountered FOSS while visiting the University of Central Missouri (then known as Central Missouri State University) during high school. Mandrake was the first distribution he ever attempted to run. He has had experience with SuSE, Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, and other distros. He currently does a podcast each week and publishes a monthly digital magazine covering Unix and Overlooked Pop Culture at www.thenixedreport.com.


Terry Hancock on Free Software and Free Cul...

May 19, 2014No Comments85 Views

Free Software and free culture advocate still working on Lib-Ray, refuses to give up.


US vs Russia: are entangling alliances bad ...

May 17, 2014No Comments98 Views

With the conflict between the U.S. and Russia, how has science been affected?

LG Chromebase front and side view

Is Writer the Internet Typewriter?

May 12, 20141 Comment97 Views

Is Writer an Internet typewriter, or another me too product?


Death of net neutrality: Is Mozilla barking...

May 08, 20142 Comments52 Views

Should Mozilla be appealing to the FCC or is there a better way?


Mobile Broadband: What are the Challenges?

May 02, 20142 Comments52 Views

What happens when one relies on mobile broadband every day?


Is FCC the solution for net neutrality?

Apr 25, 20143 Comments59 Views

Should we really be relying on government agencies when it comes to technology?

This is Chrome's default tab page.

Florida on bloggers didn’t go far eno...

Apr 18, 20141 Comment43 Views

Bloggers are media according to Florida, but....


Pixlr Image Editor – Photoshop for Ch...

Apr 09, 20144 Comments84 Views

For multimedia creation and editing, how does Pixlr stack up?


Is Achshar Player better than Remo on Chrom...

Mar 27, 20145 Comments96 Views

Is Achshar a good option for playing music offline, or not so much?

Media Goblin Banner

Why free media standards are important

Mar 27, 20146 Comments68 Views

Alternative media relies too much on proprietary software, which is dangerous.