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Qt 5.3 Released

May 20, 2014No Comments61 Views

Digia has released an all new version of Qt, a C++ framework for creating intuitive cross-platform apps.


Fedora Project Leader Quits

May 20, 2014No Comments81 Views

Robyn Bergeron, project lead of The Fedora Project for over two years had decided to step down from the role.


Calligra 2.8 and Krita 2.8.0 Released

Mar 06, 201413 Comments59 Views

Calligra, a free and open source KDE office suite and Krita, a KDE desktop friendly painting and graphics editing software have received major updates.


Linux Mint Debian 201403 Released

Mar 06, 201412 Comments61 Views

The Linux Mint team has released a new edition of Linux Mint Debian which comes with a revamped desktop and updated software.


Dell justifies charging £16.25 to install ...

Mar 06, 201412 Comments146 Views

Dell says they are right to charge for a 'service' to install Firefox on customer's PCs.


India’s NCERT recommends GNU/Linux fo...

Mar 04, 201497 Comments126 Views

National Council Of Education, Research and Training has released a notification on their website which promotes the use if Free and Open Source software in


Canonical Releases the Most Complete and St...

Dec 27, 20137 Comments100 Views

A new Ubuntu Touch image has been released and this is claimed to be the most stable release so far.

Wayland-Powered Hawaii 0.2 Desktop Released

Dec 27, 201335 Comments94 Views

The Maui project have released a completely new Wayland powered desktop named Hawaii 0.2, which promises to bring a new generation of desktop experience for


Will Linux power Amazon Drone and Google Ro...

Dec 06, 201311 Comments88 Views

In next one or two years maybe we will be able to see Linux powered robots in action. This will put forward another space which


SteamOS will really help Linux on desktop ...

Oct 25, 20136 Comments636 Views

Linus Torvalds praised Valve's efforts to develop Linux based SteamOS and bring great gaming experience to living rooms.