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Cinnamon PPA will no longer be maintained for Ubuntu users

Gwendal Le Bihan, maintainer of the Cinnamon PPA, has confirmed he will be discontinuing the popular desktop environment. At least the stable releases the community has become accustomed to that is. The development of the Cinnamon desktop environment will continue through development builds in a separate nightly PPA.

Gwendal Le Bihan:

The stable PPA is indeed no longer being maintained.

The nightly PPA is being kept for development purposes and should not be used on any sort of production machine (it can and will break at any time).

To be honest, I don’t have an alternative to offer Ubuntu users at the moment, apart from switching to a distribution that does support Cinnamon. There are many such distributions out there, and I’m only hoping for someone to (finally) step up on Ubuntu’s side to provide proper packages to its users.

Someone from the Ubuntu community may step forward and provide stable builds for the masses considering the popularity Cinnamon has gathered.

Whether a stable PPA is provided or not this may drive more users to the increasingly popular Linux Mint, which supports Cinnamon by default.

Sources: OMG! UBUNTU!, Ask Ubuntu


A settlement between Apple and Samsung may be on the horizon

The long and drawn out battle between Samsung Electronics and Apple over the ownership of various intellectual properties may be coming to a close.

According to The Korea Times Samsung and Apple have resumed discussion of settling their patent disputes. Recent developments such as Apple’s deal with Google show that times may be changing on how these types of disputes are handled. There is a different air surrounding these discussions compared to the countless court battles and negotiations that preceded.

With Apple dropping its disputes with Motorola and Google this new settlement with Samsung is looking like a final settling. Samsung as part of the Google Android Alliance will most likely get a similar deal.

Whether Apple is trying to negate the negative publicity of being a patent troll or saving time and money, the optimistic view is that if negotiations go well this may be the beginning of the end of the patent wars that plague the IT world.

Sources: TalkAndroid, The Korea Times

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ownCloud community manager starts generating progress reports

To combat the struggles of following the progress in a project Jos Poortvliet, the community manager for ownCloud, has announced that the ownCloud development progress will be compiled on his blog. He goes on to say that if the community is receptive he will move these progress reports to the ownCloud blog.

The main idea is that the average person doesn’t have the time to follow all of the various forums and mailing lists around a project in order to stay up to date. To counter this the idea is to have a weekly news report on the goings on of the ownCloud development. Jos also asks that you send him news for ownCloud so he may add it to the report.

To kick things off Jos has already posted a news report for the entire month of April on his blog. Some of the news for April include making the normal UI more mobile friendly, infinite scrolling, instant video upload on android, improved music app, and lots of bug fixes.

The news report goes on to mention other items of interest:

  • A discussion for a JavaScript library incited by Vincent Petry bringing a python client library to the ownCloud list.
  • How the ownCloud community may increase due to the loss of Ubuntu One causing Ubuntu users to look for a new cloud storage solution.
  • The firefox plugin for the news app being developed by ownCloud’s Outreach Program for Women participation.

Source and post for April: Jos’ Blog