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First beta of KDE Frameworks 5 released, in...

Apr 01, 20141 Comment91 Views

Frameworks 5 enters beta stage today. The beta release introduces porting aids for Application developers.


KDE SC 4.12.4 released, install it on openS...

Apr 01, 2014No Comments113 Views

The monthly update for KDE 4.12.4 was released today. The newest update brings bug fixes and minor improvements.


Facebook announces WebScaleSQL

Mar 28, 201411 Comments60 Views

In a span of 7 days Facebook released two projects which offer enterprise ready alternatives to traditional AMP stack.


What to expect from GNOME 3.12

Mar 25, 20143 Comments64 Views

After 6 months of hard work, GNOME 3.12 will be finally unleashed tomorrow. Here is a list of what to expect from the newer release.


Intel’s Linux Driver Installer Updated to...

Mar 24, 20148 Comments52 Views

Intel’s GUI utility for graphics and video driver’s installation reached version 1.0.4 last month. The utility was updated a fortnight back.

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Chrome OS To Get Standalone Video Player Ap...

Mar 24, 20143 Comments100 Views

Chrome OS is set to get a standalone video player app soon. Currently it is available on dev channel and is being developed as we


Video of Unity 8 showcasing Mir’s capabil...

Mar 21, 201417 Comments78 Views

A video was released showcasing Unity 8’s capabilities with Mir’s Display compositor.


Wayland Available On GNOME 3.12 With A Clic...

Mar 20, 20143 Comments62 Views

According to reports, users will be able to use GNOME on Wayland via Gnome Display Manager (GDM).


Tor-ramdisk updated

Mar 14, 201411 Comments41 Views

Tor-ramdisk, a tor server distro, was recently updated. Linux kernel, tor binary was updated and haveged was used as entropy generator.


Desktop Effects Control Module in KWin5

Mar 13, 20143 Comments49 Views

KWin5 will feature a new configuration module to control Desktop effects. KWin5 will be a part of the upcoming Plasma Next Workspace .