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Joseph Hall

A research addict with a lot of free time, Joseph always is looking for the “next big thing.” He is homeschooled and proud of it, and continues to learn in his free time through online resources. He does not like Windows but cannot afford an Apple Macintosh, so he saw Chromebooks as the way to go. He now uses his free time showing people why a Chromebook can be used as a Windows replacement, and why living “in the cloud” is so freeing.

Teamlab Office Main Page

Teamlab Office solves file formatting probl...

May 13, 20142 Comments80 Views

Teamlab Office is a cloud based office suite that may solve the formatting issues that many face when switching between office programs.

Chrome OS

New flag to put Chrome bookmarks in app lau...

May 13, 2014No Comments81 Views

With this new flag available for all versions of Chrome, users could soon be able to create icons in the app launcher for their favorite

Happy Mother's Day!

Why a Chromebook is the best Mother’s...

May 10, 20142 Comments75 Views

Instead of getting the usual flowers and chocolates for Mother's Day, you should get your Mom a Chromebook, adding simplicity and speed to her browsing.

Cloud computing security graphic

Soon you will be able to lock, erase and lo...

May 09, 20145 Comments159 Views

Allowing Chrome OS users to remotely lock, erase and locate a device, this possible future update could improve cloud computing security by protecting data.

Google's Chromebook Pixel with some of Google's Apps for Chromebooks

Google announces new Play Movies and TV app...

May 08, 20145 Comments89 Views

Google's new Google Play Movies and TV app for Chromebooks give users a native app that can download your movies and shows for offline use.

LG Chromebase front and side view

LG Chromebase will be available May 26th

May 07, 20141 Comment70 Views

The LG Chromebase, the first all-in-one Chrome OS PC, has been announced to be made available to US customers on May 26. With 2 GB

Chrome OS

Chrome security increases with changes in s...

May 06, 2014No Comments57 Views

With changes by the Chrome security team in the way that Chrome displays warnings, they have seen an increase in Chrome security.


What’s the best PDF viewer for Chrome...

May 05, 20141 Comment199 Views

Google has a PDF viewer for Chromebooks, but how can you edit them? By using this app from the Chrome Web Store on your Chromebook.


New Acer Chromebook has Core i3 processor

May 01, 20142 Comments52 Views

On Monday we saw an Acer Chromebook that is powered by an Intel Core i3 processor, giving power to the Chromebook line of laptops.


Presence of Chromebooks in businesses grows...

Apr 29, 20143 Comments58 Views

With recent deals with distributors, Google has forged a way to provide their Chromebooks in businesses.