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LibreOffice 3.6 Released With New Features

Aug 08, 20128 Comments40 Views

The Document Foundation has announced LibreOffice 3.6, the fourth major release of the free office suite. This release provides a large number of new features

HTC Evo 3D, EVO Design 4G Gets Android 4.0

Aug 02, 2012No Comments36 Views

Sprint has started pushing Android 4.0 OTA upgrade for HTC Evo 3D, EVO Design 4G. This upgrade brings Google Chrome browser, Face Unlock and other

How To Upgrade To KDE 4.9

Aug 02, 2012No Comments129 Views

KDE 4.9 has been released and it brings some great UI improvements. As we reported earlier, some of the key changes are: Improvements in Dolphin

If Free Market Is OK, Why Not Free Software...

Jul 31, 2012No Comments24 Views

Does Free Market mean everything is available for free? If not then why issues with the term Free Software? Free Market is a key word

Samsung Working On Bigger Tablet With Retin...

Jul 31, 20128 Comments80 Views

Many Samsung fans always wondered that despite being the world’s #1 display manufacturer and lead supplier of Apple’s retina display why is Samsung now offering

Gmail Bids Goodbye To Gtalk

Jul 30, 2012No Comments58 Views

Google has replaced Gmail’s Gtalk feature with Google + Hangouts. Hangouts have many cool features which are missing from the old Gtalk. With Hangouts you’ll

Apple’s Siri Infringes Upon Taiwanese...

Jul 30, 2012No Comments49 Views

Apple has started to taste its own bitter pill. The lawsuit happy company has been sued by a Taiwanese alleging that Apple’s Siri infringes upon

HP’s Chinese Factory Puts Apple To Sh...

Jul 29, 2012No Comments110 Views

Earlier this year when reports surfaced about the treacherous working conditions in Apple’s Chinese factories, it left a disgusting taste in everyone’s mouth. Instead of

Google Releases Factory Images For Android ...

Jul 28, 20126 Comments52 Views

One of the reasons I love Nexus devices is that Google itself takes care of updates. Another advantage is access to factory images which allows

Apple Stole iPhone Design From Sony, Patent...

Jul 28, 2012No Comments97 Views

Ahead of the mega Samsung vs Apple court trial some internal Apple document shows that Apple’s design team took the concept of such a phone