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Linux Mint KDE reviewed

The Mukt has done a review of Linux Mint KDE 17:

As with any Linux Mint release, I love this release too. What I love the most about Linux Mint is that the only compromise they have made, in order to generate some revenue to fund the project, is the inclusion of Yahoo! as the search engine which uses Bing – but you can easily switch back to Google.

Besides this, from what I interpret, the primary goal of Linux Mint team is to learn what users want and then offer it. I don’t want to talk about Ubuntu here, but one of the biggest differences between the two projects is that Canonical is delivering what they want, and at times ignoring what users need, whereas Linux Mint is taking pains to give what user actually need. A pro-user distro is always a preferred choice in the GNU/Linux world.

If we compared Linux Mint with Kubuntu, which is obvious. I found each to have some pros and some cons. While Linux Mint does a great job at better integration of gkt-kde apps and its Software Manager is a bit more polished than Muon Software center, Kubuntu seems to offer a better upgrade path as well as quicker and cleaner access to latest packages.

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