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New Acer Chromebook has Core i3 processor

Power is not generally associated with Chromebooks, since they utilize either ARM processors, like tablets, or Intel’s Celeron processors. Google’s Pixel was the only Chromebook that could be described as powerful because it uses one of Intel’s Core i5 processors.

However, on Monday we saw an Acer Chromebook that is powered by an Intel Core i3 processor. This is a large jump from the usual low power processors found in most Chromebooks, and will offer that power at a much lower price than the Chromebook Pixel.

Keyboard of the Acer Chromebook with Core i3 by Brian Fagioli (BetaNews)

Keyboard of the Acer Chromebook with Core i3 by Brian Fagioli (BetaNews)

The laptop is built in a case similar to the Acer C720, which is a very sturdy case. However, no details were released on pricing or other specifications, such as hard drive size or amount of memory. However, the Core i3 processor can handle up to 16 GB of RAM, so this Chromebook has the potential to be very powerful. These updated specifications will raise the price from the current $200 to $300 range that Acer has on their current Chromebooks; however that raise in price could be worth the extra cost for the more powerful processor.

Lid of the Acer Chromebook with Core i3 processor by Brian Fagioli (BetaNews)

Lid of the Acer Chromebook with Core i3 processor by Brian Fagioli (BetaNews)

According to Brian Fagioli from Beta News, who had a moment with the Chromebook itself at the event, “…the new Chromebook has an Intel Core i3-4005U processor. This is a 64-bit, dual-core processor that runs at 1.7 GHz. It offers HD 4400 graphics, which is very capable.” On the bottom of the laptop, he also mentions that it is marked as a “C-720,” meaning that it is not a refresh of their Chromebooks, but might just be an addition to their existing line.

Acer Chromebook with Core i3 processor by Brian Fagioli (BetaNews)

Acer Chromebook with Core i3 processor by Brian Fagioli (BetaNews)

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With Acer revealing a more powerful Chromebook, other manufacturers are sure to follow, meaning that we should expect to see more powerful Chromebooks in the future. Eventually, we will see Chromebooks range from low to high prices, just like Windows PCs.

Joseph Hall

A research addict with a lot of free time, Joseph always is looking for the “next big thing.” He is homeschooled and proud of it, and continues to learn in his free time through online resources. He does not like Windows but cannot afford an Apple Macintosh, so he saw Chromebooks as the way to go. He now uses his free time showing people why a Chromebook can be used as a Windows replacement, and why living “in the cloud” is so freeing.


  1. Joseph, i3 probably means a CPU cooling fan, is that right?
    I’d not want to see that in my Chromebook; it should not have any moving parts. In this era of tablets, smartphones (quiet devices) nobody wants noise I believe.

    • yeah much better to suffer 3rd degree burns from the processor and exploding batteries.. besides as someone old ages they losing their hearing anyways….

      I’ll take a giant heatsink and fan combo any…if I could stand it on my ps3 fat then the worst case scenario has already been confronted.

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