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Google Play Services 4.4 now rolling out

A new version of Google Play Services with several new features has been released and has begun rolling out. The added features and improvements in Google Play Services 4.4 can enhance your user experience while using Android apps.

Google Maps Android API with Street View
Now developers can embed Street View in their apps using the Google Maps API for Android and enable users to have 360-panoramic views of streets mapped by Street View. Zoom level, and Street view camera orientation can also be controlled using the API. Additionally the Maps API now allows turning off the default floor picker and detect when new buildings come into focus.

Location API with new Activity Recognition
The Location API already contained the ability to detect the status of the device’s location and sense if the device is in a vehicle, on a bicycle, on foot, still, or tilting. With the new update developers can use the API to detect if the user is running or walking while carrying the device. This will allow apps to offer more features and provide more engaging experience.

In-App Promo Ads on Mobile
New APIs have been added to let publishers display in-app promo ad. Just like in-app game purchases, users will be able to purchase items displayed in the ad directly. There will be a new feature to target users, where high value users would be shown a specific ad while news users will be shown a different one.

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Easy Google Wallet Integration
Instant buy API gets an overhaul and it has been made easier for developers to use the Buy with Google Wallet button in an app. This release introduces the Wallet Fragment API which makes it easy for developers to integrate Google Wallet Instant Buy with an app.

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