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Google launches dedicated Docs and Sheets app with offline support

Google Driver users who store their files on the cloud storage service could browse their files using the Drive app on their mobile devices, but creating and editing documents are little inconvenient as the options are hidden deep in the menu. To make things easier Google has finally released standalone apps for Docs and Sheet with Slides coming soon.

The new apps will make it easier to find, edit and create new Docs and Sheet files. This mostly eliminates the need to have dedicated office suits such as Quickoffice. The apps bring with them almost all the functionality that are available in their web counterparts, even offline editing.

Once you open the apps you are shown list of all the apps that you have recently worked on, and are organised according to date last modified. The simple ‘+’ button on the top will allow you to create a fresh new document, while the ‘folder’ icon will take you to google drive directory to browse your files.

Google Drive users will be prompted to download the news apps as soon as they try to create new documents using the drive app. Users can also download them directly using the PlayStore Links:

Google Docs
Google Sheets

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Source: Google Blog

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