Here is the first preview of KDE’s Plasma Next

The KDE community is working hard on the next major release of KDE software, most notably Framework 5 and Plasma Next. While Arch users can already play with KDE Framework 5 packages via extra repository and also run some components of Plasma Next via kde-unstable repo (which already has KWin), rest of those who can’t get Arch to work (though we have a very user-friendly tutorial), they can get a preview of Plasma Next using the live image of Fedora.

Daniel Vrátil, a Red Hat developer, says
, “First, our Copr repository with KDE Frameworks has been updated to 4.99.0 release, so go get it! All frameworks are co-installable with KDE 4, so you can develop against KF5 without needing any special setup. Also KDE Frameworks 5 were approved as feature for Fedora 21, which means that in next Fedora release, we will ship all Frameworks in the Fedora repositories! There are already some packages imported into rawhide, the rest will follow in next weeks.”

So what all will you get to see? Daniel says they “packaged as much as we could (but still not everything!), including Rekonq, Dolphin, System Settings, Baloo, Milou and more – all built against Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 of course.”

He are some screenshots of Plasma Next running in VM on my system:

[gss ids=”27602,27603,27604,27605,27606″]

If you want to test Plasma Next, download the live iso of Fedora from the link below.

[epiclink link = ‘http://dvratil.fedorapeople.org/kde5/iso/’ color = ‘btn’ target = ‘_blank’ shorticon = ‘left’ itype = ‘ icon-download-alt’ icol = ‘black’ ]Fedora Plasma Next Preview[/epiclink]

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