Xiaomi launches the MiPad: Android powered Tegra K1 Tablet

Xiaomi, a Chinese company, has just launched a new Android powered tablet, the MiPad to the market. The unique thing about this Android powered tablet is that it is powered by the powerful NVidia Tegra K1 mobile processor, thus making it stand out from the already crowded android powered tablet segment.

The MiPad is a 7.9 inch tablet, powered by the afore mentioned NVidia Tegra K1 mobile processor. The display resolution is said to be at 2048×1536, which is a Retina Display density akin to the 3rd generation iPad. There are two cameras, with the front facing one being a 5MP while the primary one being an 8MP snapper, which is quite brilliant. The tablet is available in both 16GB and 64GB variant with support for microSD cards to further extend the storage. The tablets are said to be capable of 1300 hours of standby time. The specs seem to be really attractive and a very strong & capable gaming device.

No word has been said about the exact release date of the tablet, only that there will be an open Beta in June in China, where select users will be able to get a hands-on with pre-production units. Launch dates for the Western countries has not been revealed, though prices are said to be around $240 & $270 for the 16GB and 64GB variant, which would really make the 64GB seem like a steal!

NVidia’s Tegra K1 mobile processor is touted to employ the same technologies PCs and Next gen consoles uses and NVidia promises that their Tegra processors will be able to deliver PC level realistic graphical goodness on mobile devices without making it a battery hog or burning a hole in your pocket. The Tegra K1 was unveiled earlier this year at the CES. Following the unveiling, NVidia also announced during the GDC that they have partnered with Epic to bring the Unreal Engine to Tegra too.

Source: IGN

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