Titanfall Companion App released for Android, iOS & Windows 8

As games become more complicated, it becomes harder for developers to pack in all those extra information on the same screen available to the players, so they came up with the concept of companion apps. Now after about two months of its release, the hugely popular multiplayer Mech/Shooter Titanfall has received its own Companion App across all mobile platforms, that is, Android, iOS & Windows Phone 8 along with Windows 8 too.

The companion App is an addition to the gaming franchise that can be freely downloaded from the respective app stores and linked with the player’s Titanfall account. The app allows the player to take their “Titanfall experience on the go,” meaning that players can check out the various stats of their gameplay, like number of kills, favourite guns, favourite Titans, etc. while not in game. In addition, the app also allows you to read up on the various history and background of the game’s universe as well as the Titans, thus serving as a portable encyclopedia. The app also gives details about the various Titans and weapons used in the game, detailing their stats and thus allowing the player to decide on the one that is best for them. Along with all this the app also gives helpful hints, directly from the devs.

Also, Xbox One owners get to unlock a unique feature of the app: A real time companion map. The respective device with the app can be turned into a real time mini map with accurate information about various players, which cannot be found anywhere in the game. The mini-map is fully interactive and you can easily zoom in and zoom out along with using filters to get only the information that you want during the heat of the battle.

You can get the Android version of the Titanfall Companion App from here.

Source: IGN

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