HP Chromebook 11 redesign quietly appears

Today HP appeared to make another addition to their Chromebook lineup, but without any announcement. The Chromebook in question is a new alternate  HP Chromebook 11 with the design of the HP Chromebook 14. The Hewlett-Packard Chromebook 11, which came out last winter featured a brand-new gloss white and colorfully accented design. The larger HP Chromebook 14, however, has a much more sleek, classy design and comes in models completely of one color, rather than just accents like the Chromebook 11.

The new Chromebook has the latter design, much to the surprise of Youtuber Lachlan, who discovered the alternate Chromebook 11 and posted a video of it. Apparently, Lachlan, who resides in Australia, purchased what was labelled as a “white Chromebook 11″, but  soon realized that it was not the same as the other Chromebooks 11, but rather a miniature Chromebook 14.

The mystery Chromebook 11

He immediately began a series of tweets about the “mystery Chromebook”, proclaiming to the world he had found an unannounced HP Chromebook. OMG! Chrome first reported that this was a HP Australia only leaked product, but now the alternate Chromebook 11 is listed on HP’s website. The mysterious Chromebook has not yet appeared on the official Google Chromebook page.


In Muktware’s review of the latest HP Chromebook 14, it was found to have a more premium feel to it than other Chromebooks, like the current HP Chromebook 11. It will not be surprising if HP pursues this classy design rather than the flamboyant feel of the smaller Chromebook, although it fits the carefree spirit of Chromebooks in general. Also, this is not the first time in recent weeks HP has let Chromebook related news slip. Rumor has it that HP may release an Android-powered laptop in a form factor similar to the Chromebooks they already produce. This was also supposedly backed up by listings on their website, although the promotional material for it has been removed.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like HP is committed to tweaking new designs for its Chromebook lineup, which will be expanding again in the coming months following an announcement from Google and Intel.

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