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Google Chrome 36 Dev comes with many changes

The 36.x development branch of Google Chrome which uses the Blink layout engine has received another update ready for testing by users. The latest Dev channel build version is 36.0.1976.2.

There are some interesting chnages in this version:

– Precise memory info in layout tests enabled
– Opening socket through symlink target when connecting to a running instance to fix problems with launching new tabs in existing instance if user data path is long
– Allow PDF to be run in incognito mode
– UI fixes for the delete account button in the new avatar bubble
– Some CSS tweaks
– Added the missing generated docs for NaCl
– ServiceWorker support in EmbeddedWorkerDevToolsManager added
– Removed the redundant code and related test file for DesktopWindowTreeHostWin focus save and restore
– Couple of changes for Valgrind
– A GPU handle leak suppressed in DrMemory
– Remove non-drawing SolidColorLayer for Android
– Second version of credentials passing API added
– Disable compositing for GPU rasterization hints
– Correct support for videos with YUVJ420P color format
– Make GPU rasterization flag per page instead of per layer
– Stop dismissing bubble views when window bounds change
– Dom distiller changes from gwt codebase pulled in
– 8bpp screens support in X11
– Couple of changes around Pepper
– and many more…

This version changes the flow of how the Profile deletion is processed. A checkbox is now added on the stop-sync dialog to provide the users with a choice on whether to delete all their Profile data.

Find the full list of changes in the changelog. If interested in testing it out, download the correct Dev channel package for your system here.

Remember that development in the Dev channel precedes both Stable and Beta and sometimes big features added in the Dev channel may not be stable enough for production.

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