Unreal Tournament coming to Linux and it will be developed with the community

Epic Games has announced that the new version of their popular multi-player shooter “Unreal Tournament” will not only be available on the Linux platform, but also co-developed by the community. In their recent blog post, Epic Games gives details about the development of the new “Unreal Tournament” franchise.

The developers want to include the users into the development process, saying they are “going to do this together, with you”. Details from Epic Games’ wiki pages unveil the plan to make the entire code available on GitHub. But Epic goes even further, stating that the game, once published, will be entirely free. “Not free to play, just free”. This is a somewhat radical step in the development of AAA titles. Up until now, big game publishers have tended to only scarcely, if at all, released information about their games prior to its publication. The new “Unreal Tournament” game development will, however, be completely open to the public.

Additionally, Epic is planning to publish “Unreal Tournament” not as a Windows-only copy, but also for the Linux operating system. The inclusion of a Linux version in the development of the game is in line with the recent increase of Linux-compatible games, especially through Valve’s Steam platform that officially supports Linux.

Even though the game’s development is still in its very early stages, the rumours surrounding the game are already hitting the news channels. Commentators are seeing the possibility of native Oculus Rift support for the game. If, and that is still to be confirmed by Epic and its team of developers, “Unreal Tournament” gets published with native Oculus Rift support for the Linux operating system, it might just be the game changer we’ve all been waiting for.

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