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CyanogenMod finally hits HTC One M8

Two days ago, the CyanogenMod developers added official support for the HTC One M8. A first nightly version was uploaded at the early hours of May 7. A few minutes ago, the third nightly was made available for download.

CyanogenMod is a free and open source alternative to Google’s Android. The addition of HTC’s One M8 to CyanogenMod’s list of officially supported devices is a huge step for future custom roms. The number of community-driven custom roms is expected to increase quickly, as most of these are build from CyanogenMod’s sources.

However, if you’re considering the change from HTC’s sense UI to – the less bloated – CyanogenMod, please note that this is still a very early version. Some features are still in the process of being ported, that is especially true for the HTC One M8’s camera functionality. Even though basic camera functions have already been implemented into the current CyanogenMod version for the M8, special features, such as the second depth camera, are reported not to work yet.

However, with the CyanogenMod’s recent changed model of distribution, hopes are high that HTC’s One M8 might get a milestone release (M7) within weeks. This would largely increase the stability of CyanogenMod on the M8.

Please note that Muktware is not responsible for voiding your phone’s warranty or breaking your phone’s functionality. Please refer to the following pages for more information on how to get started with CyanogenMod on the HTC One M8.

Download CyanogenMod for HTC One M8:

XDA developers discussion of current nightlies:

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