Install Webogram, a client for Telegram in Ubuntu 14.04

Telegram is a messaging application similar to WhatsApp and uses the internet to send and receive messages between its clients. We, Linux users, love open source products and Telegram founders claim that they will eventually open source the code. More on this can be read from “Why not open source everything? . Apart from the open source affinity, a few more reasons to use Telegram are :

  • secure messaging
  • cross platform compatibility
  • cloud based
  • free of subscription charges

The Telegram API is open for all developers to create apps for connecting to Telegram servers. Hence, there are many apps – a web app, a chrome app, and even Ubuntu Touch app are available. One such cross platform app for Telegram is Webogram or Telegram Unofficial. It’s a Google Chrome app, and can be used in Linux, Mac and Windows.  To install, go to Google Chrome web store and search for Telegram or Webogram and install it. The app is a wrapped web client for Telegram, however, it can be run without launching Google Chrome. It also provides a nice Unity launcher icon for the app.

Similar to WhatsApp, Telegram uses your phone number to register and so, you must have Telegram installed on your phone (assuming you have Android, iPhone or WP). For Webogram, you will need to enter your phone number when you first launch the app. The 5 digit key will be sent to your phone and you will be required to enter the key in the app to register it.  Once registered, your device will start synchronising, and chats sent from any of your registered devices will be synchronized across all devices within seconds.


Webogram(Telegram Unofficial) is a nifty app, allowing access to a secure messaging application across multiple platforms and devices making connectivity truly cross platform . These features make Telegram a true alternative to WhatsApp!

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