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CyanogenMod 11.06 M6 is here, no stable build coming

CyanogenMod has announced the release of CyanogenMod 11.06 M6 and with this, the team has also said that the users should not expect a build labelled ‘stable’. They wrote, “The ‘M’ builds have supplanted our need for such a release. This also means you will not being seeing ‘RC’ builds.”

For all those who are wondering the reason, here is the answer: “Beyond just being a trusted label to assuage the more risk-adverse users, stable build was our marker for accepting reports to our bug tracker. This had a few pain points, but most notably, it meant months of code would be introduced with no particular predictability, which led to gaps between identifying issues from your reports, fixing them and then releasing them in the next stable. With a ‘stable’ and ‘nightly’ only structure, you either waited months for a fix, or updated to a nightly – and with the risk of items such as the ‘master key’ and ‘Heartbleed’ vulnerabilities, this became an unacceptable risk we were posing to you all.

The ‘M’s have now become the fix for that particular issue; you can now reliably know that your next batch of fixes will arrive 4 weeks after the last (and if you are using a nightly, you are not stripped of your ability to update whenever you want). This also allows helps us collect JIRA tickets more frequently and track progression or regression of features in smaller windows. Like the ‘stables’ before it, ‘M’ releases are built off the ‘stable/CM-##.#’ branches – the only difference is now frequency and label. We could have chosen to remove ‘M’ releases and stick with the ‘stable’ tag instead for these monthlies, but the word ‘stable’ itself is a misnomer – it doesn’t mean bug free and it certainly never meant feature complete; but with the name ‘stable’ it gave the false impression that it did mean those things – especially to those risk-adverse that would only hop from ‘stable’ to ‘stable’.”

So the good news is that the team is now looking at releasing updates every two weeks going forward. So here is the changelog:

Quiet Hours – Fix long press QS tile option
Voice+ – Integrate into settings (under Wireless and Networks > ‘More’)
Blacklist – Add provider permissions
Lockscreen – Fix custom wallpaper crashes and album art issues
Display – Consolidate screen-off animation options (remove checkbox)
Bluetooth – Upstream updates and fix issues with audio routing to select car makes/models and disconnect issues
MultiSim – Additional support patches (15+) and UI/UX modifications
Lockscreen – Disable elements when in custom lockscreen
Quick Settings – Options to show smaller tiles; add BT device name to tile
Quick Settings – Fix QS tiles layout in landscape mode
Usage Stats – Fix screen on stats after boot
Resolve memory leaks in Frameworks
Settings – Show ‘eject card’ action for USB storage
Theme Engine – Introduce new Engine capabilities (chooser to arrive in nightlies this week)
Parallel Shutdown – Decrease shutdown time
Address security vulnerability for icons
Downloads – Add pause/resume support
Trebuchet – Hidden apps and labels support
Remove parallel boot dexopt from stable/cm-11.0 branch
And more (all changes from Mar 29th to April 30th)

Those interested can download it from a href=””>

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