Steam client beta update released: In-home streaming for all enabled

A new Beta update for the Steam client has been released. The major breaking news with this update, apart from the general fixes, is that this update makes available to the Steam In-Home streaming feature. Previously it was selectively activated on specially selected Steam users. Post this beta update, any Steam user can now use this feature once they download and install the update.

An introductory dialog box has been added with this update so that people are not left grasping in the dark anymore and the proper features explained when the feature is started for the first time. Along with that a dialog box has been added that notifies if a game needs to be played at the Cloud Sync Resolution.

For people who have been lucky enough to be using this feature before others, there is something for you people too. This new update brings several bug fixes and optimizations too. Performances for asynchronous capture performance on both OpenGL systems and D3D systems have been improved. Along with that the precision for refresh rate and framerate capture has also been improved. Apart from these fixes include the fixing the bug where the client resolution would be changed on a crash with software decoding. Several issues related to latency have been fixed too, like the cause for infinite latency when the client is too slow along with reducing the latency when the streaming is being done at the client’s refresh rate.

Like always the update also carries a host of general bug fixes and optimizations. For a detailed list check out the release notes over at the official Steam website.

Source: Steam

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