KDE team looking for Debian contributors

On behalf of the KDE team, Maximiliano Curia has recently called on the Debian contributors for supporting them with integrating KDE into Debian. Citing the main reason behind the request as shortage of enough people to contribute to all the necessary areas, the KDE team points out that they are overloaded with the many packages they maintain and the kinds of bugs they have to deal with. They do have automation tools but that is simply not enough. And hence the pledge to the Debian developers to work in collaboration with KDE and help them shape up KDE for Debian.

The current areas listed for support are:

  • Bug triaging: Contributors should go through the bugs in the bug tracking system (BTS), understand the problem and how to reproduce it and confirm that they are still present in the latest versions. In particular, attention is needed to the bugs affecting the version in wheezy.
  • Bug forwarding: Help needed on forwarding those bugs to upstream which users do not forward themselves.
  • Patch forwarding: Debian-specific patches which also apply to upstream should be forwarded duly to save time in the future. This task is quite important.
  • Upgrade-testing: To avoid the painful experience of upgrading from one stable Debian release to another in the past for KDE software users, people are needed to try upgrading from wheezy to jessie and report any bugs they find.
  • Creating patches: Writing patches for existing bugs, some of which are easy and some are harder.
  • Packaging other KDE apps: Creating packages for useful components which are yet to get packaged.
  • Updating KDE’s welcoming wiki page, adding these tasks and any future tasks, and unifying the todo lists:

Contributors interested in the above tasks are welcome to join the irc channel #debian-qt-kde in irc.oftc.net, or the debian-qt-kde mailing list.

2 thoughts on “KDE team looking for Debian contributors

  1. I have been enjoying kde 4.11 for quite a while now in Debian Testing. I know that the target launch for plasma 2 is in June and kde 4.14 is scheduled to be released sometime in September. So I am guessing 4.14 will make it into Debian Jessie before the November 5 freeze date.

    I am not a developer and not sure how to contribute but I hope they are able to find some extra help. Keep up the good work it is very much appreciated.

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