Google, Intel to make Chromebook announcement on May 6

Tech giant Google and chip-maker company Intel are set to make an announcement regarding Chrome OS at a press conference on May 6. Intel-made Haswell processors are already in many of Google’s Chromebooks, and recently manufacturer Acer added a Intel Core i3 powered Chromebook to the growing lineup of laptops. It is unclear what will be announced, but after the press invite was sent out on Wednesday, rumors abound.

One theory is that a new Chromebook Pixel will be announced, as the current model utilizes a Intel Core i5, the most powerful of any Chromebook. The Pixel hasn’t been changed since its release last February, and it could be time for Google to refresh its crown jewel, high-end Chromebook. Another collaboration with Intel could bring more power to the Chromebook line and make Chromebooks more appealing for resource-hungry users.

Another possible announcement is a special chipset from the manufacturer to power the long-rumored Chrome OS tablet. Many people were expecting a Chrome OS tablet announcement at the Acer event yesterday, but the biggest news remains the Acer Chromebook powered by the Intel Core i5, and the tablet hopes remain unfulfilled by Google’s manufacturer partners. Intel offers some higher powered chips for Windows tablets, and perhaps this may be the long-awaited coming of the Chrome OS tablet.

No one yet know what the event, which will feature Caesar Sengupta from Google, and Navin Shenoy, vice president and general manager of mobile computing at Intel, has in store for the future of Chrome OS and the Chromebook hardware.

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