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[Tutorial] Rooting the Moto G

Motorola Moto G is changing the rules for low-mid range smartphone market. Packing in a powerful hardware, but carrying an affordable price tag, Moto G has a better price-performance ratio than even Google’s Nexus 5.

Unlocking the bootloader of Moto G is almost as easy as unlocking a Google Play Edition device or a Nexus. This in turn makes rooting the Moto G a walk in the park.

Warning – Before you root your Moto G

1. You will void the warranty on your device
2. You won’t receive OTA updates from Motorola, you will need to install updates manually.
3. You will lose all you data on the device during unlocking.

Before you start:

1. Enable USB Debugging from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging” in your Moto G Android Phone.
2. Make sure you have at least 50% battery life left.
3. Make backup of your data.
4. Download :

Unlocking the Bootloader:

Motorola’s official site has a nice guide to help you unlock the bootloader. Just keep Android SDK and Motorola USB Drivers handy. Follow the steps listed in the official Motorola Site to unlock your Moto G’s bootloader.

Rooting your Moto G:

1. Extract the Superboot ZIP file downloaded from the MoDaCo forums to a new folder. Run the command prompt in that directory or navigate to the folder.

2. Turn of your Moto G and enter bootloader mode by pressing Volume down + Power button simultaneously

3. In the command prompt:

  • Windows: Run ‘superboot-windows.bat’ as Administrator
  • MAC OS: Type ‘chmod +x superboot-mac.sh’ followed by ‘sudo ./superboot-mac.sh’
  • LINUX: Type ‘chmod +x superboot-linux.sh’ followed by ‘sudo ./superboot-linux.sh’
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Your Moto G will restart once the process is completed and voila, you will have a rooted Moto G to try out your customs ROMS and root required apps.

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