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openSUSE Conference 2014: Videos

The openSUSE Conference (oSC) 2014 kicked off last Friday in Dubrovnik, Croatia with an aim to bring together a variety of free and open source contributors to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects. “The strength to change” was the moto of this year’s conference and it served its purpose well.

The final day of openSUSE Conference 2014 was dedicated to some interesting workshops. Geekos learnt a lot by attending ‘Packaging Workshop’ by Darix, ‘Building images with KIWI’ by Robert and ‘High Availability Clustering on openSUSE’ by Richard Brown.

This year, the event was organised in collaboration with ownCloud, Zorp(a Gateway technology by Balabit) and the MATE desktop along with the bucket load of awesome projects from openSUSE itself.

Couldn’t make it to the conference this year? Feast your eyes upon these interesting videos from oSC 2014…

osc14: Georgi Kodinov, Protect Your MySQL Server

osc14: Andrew Waafa, ARMing Open Source

osc14: Ancor González Sosa, Integrating web applications into the openSUSE login infrastructure

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You can find out more such videos here.


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