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openSUSE Conference 2014: Day 1

openSUSE Conference (oSC) 2014, being held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, provided free and open source contributors and enthusiasts from around the world with the framework to exchange knowledge, collaborate and create lasting connections.

Volunteers arrived on time at the venue, prepared everything, and did some last minute checks. “People started coming and in just a moment, our registration desk was crowded with Geekos who filled the place,” George Bratsos of openSUSE mentioned while talking about the first day of the conference. Every visitor was given an openSUSE-branded USB stick along with a name-tag.

Presentations started with the board welcoming the community to the event. The board also brought up the state of openSUSE, including the release cycle (what comes after 13.1 is not clear yet), the changes to our processes (staging projects, openQA testing integration) and so on, according to Jos Poortvliet of openSUSE.

Last but not least, Gnome, KDE and Oracle booths are there too!

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If you could not make it to openSUSE 2014, you can watch a live stream of the conference here.

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