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Microweber pumps some ‘life’ into otherwise routine CMS

Traditional CMS has never been a very engaging experience for users, developers and designers alike, at least till now. Open source CMS solution Microweber bridges the gap. Microweber is a ‘Drag and Drop’ CMS solution with real-time text writing and editing feature. In other words, it supports on the fly preview without switching to the preview mode, resulting in a ‘live’ experience. This addresses two common issues CMS users face while creating their websites – slow, uneasy management and lack of intuitiveness.

Microweber is a brand new service in CMS which came live from Beta stage this year. It was so popular during the Betas that it was translated voluntarily into 6 languages – English, German, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, and Greek. Microweber was created in Bulgaria and found Nicholas Gerber as a sponsor from the USA.

Liteness, its new default template, is rich in color and image customization and is up-to-date with the latest design trends. It is a responsive template too, presenting you the same experience across devices. A picture says a thousand words and here’s how awesome CMS can get with Liteness!

Microweber_Liteness_theme_demoA quick peek into the excellent features of Microweber:

  • Drag and Drop CMS
  • Real-time text writing and editing. So designers and developers are not stuck in the Admin panel previewing changes.
  • Extensible through modules like Picture, Video, Button, Contact Form, Comments etc. to design block by block
  • Supports seven languages
  • Built-in e-commerce
  • Suitable for end-users as well as designers or developers to create modules and templates
  • A complete solution – upload, customize, set the price and specify shipping settings for your products
  • Track your products
  • Visualized traffic and online user statistics
  • Powerful image and picture gallery management
  • Simple and fast content creation
  • A blogging platform for users! Currently work is ongoing to import user content from other blogging platforms/websites.
  • Open source solution licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
We are looking for aspiring bloggers and journalists for The Mukt. If you are interested, apply now!

Don’t forget to visit Microweber for a new experience in CMS gone live!

Arun Prakash Jana

Open Source enthusiast and avid blogger. Loves programming, chess and classical music.

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