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Karen Sandler resigns as GNOME Foundation’s executive director

Karen Sandler is stepping down as GNOME Foundation executive director to take up the position of executive director at the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Sandler, who has been serving as GNOME Foundation executive director since June 2011, said about her departure, “Working as the GNOME Foundation executive director has been one of the highlights of my career.”

Talking about the achievements during her tenure as executive director, Sandler added: “I’ve helped to recruit two new advisory board members… and we have run the last three years in the black. We’ve held some successful funding campaigns, particularly around privacy. We have a mind-blowingly fantastic Board of Directors, and the Engagement team is doing amazing work. The GNOME.Asia team is strong, and we’ve got an influx of people, more so than I’ve seen in some time.”

Sandler will continue to be a part of the GNOME project. She shared her plans to run for the board of directors, stating: “I will stay on as pro bono counsel, and of course I’ll continue volunteering in other ways.”

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The GNOME Foundation Board is looking out for potential candidates for a new executive director. Interested parties can send e-mail at [email protected]

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