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Intel reveals Braswell chip for Chromebooks

The second day of IDF Shenzhen conference in China saw the unveiling of a new processor dubbed ‘Braswell’ by Intel; other announcements included a 64-bit Android kernel and the QVOD media box.

Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president at Intel, mentioned at the Developer Forum that Braswell will succeed the company’s Bay Trail processor which powers Chromebooks and sub-$500 Windows PCs.

Skaugen added that Braswell, a system-on-a-chip aka SoC, will be aimed at entry-level desktops, notebooks and convertibles. The chip will be built on the chipmaker’s 14-nanometer manufacturing process and is likely to offer better performance and power efficiency than the Bay Trail processor.

Skaugen, however, didn’t disclose when the chip will arrive.

Intel is also mulling over bringing over 20 Chromebook designs to the market this year. “Last year, we had only four designs on Chrome. Today I can announce that we will have over 20 designs on Chrome,” PC World quoted Skaugen as saying.

The company also released a version of Android KitKat 4.4 with a 64-bit kernel optimized for Intel Architecture chips.

“With this release, the company ported, validated and tested the Android Open Source code on IA, taking on the work that developers typically would need to do on their own. This release will provide the ecosystem with 64-bit kernel support for development of next-generation devices,” CNET quoted Intel as saying.

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The company is planning to spend $100 million, through its venture capital arm, to fund Chinese product development in PCs, mobile devices and wearables.