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Google patents Google Glass with 2 projection lenses

Exciting news for Google Glass fans! A patent filed by Google shows Google Glass equipped with two projection lenses each covering both eyes instead of one like in current ‘mono’ lens version. Two screens on Google Glass could open up new applications of the device.

The patent was filed long back in September 2011 but was granted by USTPO recently, and we do not know if any progress has been made on the idea since then. There are speculations that two screens could allow Google Glass to offer 3D experience and make glass usage more immersive.

The patent describes that augmented reality with virtual image overlays over background images could be made possible with this dual glass version. The field of view could also shift to the middle instead of top right corner like in current Google Glass version. It also tells about adjustable colour scheme and visibility according to the background in the vision. It could change its transparency, saturation, hues to keep the HUD from interfering with the actual field of vision.

There is assurance that designs in the patent will make its way into the final product but it gives a good insight into what we might see from Google’s Project Glass in future.

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Source: USTPO

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