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[How to] Check if your Android Phone is made vulnerable by HeartBleed Bug

You might be hearing a lot about the HeartBleed bug since past few days and might be anxious to know if you Android Phone is at risk. HeartBleed detector is a free app released by Security company Lookout which can help you check if your phone is affected by the HeartBleed bug.

The heartbleed bug is a security exploit in the Open SSl encryption software used by majority of websites. In simple words using this flaw hackers can get access to confidential information such as credit card numbers, passwords and your personal data. Google has acknowledged the bug and have already released a patch, but it will take some time before your handset maker or carriers forwards it to your device.

To check if you device is at risk install the Heartbleed Detector by Lookout. It is a very simple app and in few seconds it will be able to tell you if you are vulnerable to any attack.

If you device is completely safe, the app will show the following screen:


If you device has the Heartbleed bug but vulnerabilities are inactive, it will show you the following screen:


If you device has Heartbleed bug and is vulnerable, the following screen will be shown:


So, what should be your defence strategy? The best way is to change your passwords and remove any financial information such as credit card numbers from your accounts. Even then, you cannot be completely safe from any attack. There is not much you can do, than just wait for the patch to arrive for your device. You can install a good antivirus to be on the safe side.

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Playstore Link : Heartbleed Detector 

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