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Box open sources many of its engineering tools

The well-known cloud storage service, Box, is opening up some of it’s source code which includes many of its proprietary engineering tools. Box CEO Aaron Levie admitted the the role open source played in his product and he wanted to give back by contributing select code to the community. He said in a tweet – tweet which goes “Box couldn’t exist without open source projects. We’re announcing Box Open Source to now give back our own.”

Benjamin VanEvery, the Principal Technical Operations Developer, Box explained in his blog, “Technologies including Apache, nginx, PHP and their peers have been critical to Box’s success and to the technical revolution of web software and platforms as a whole. Today, we are very excited to announce Box Open Source, Box’s formalized open source initiative committed to giving back to the community. Our engineering teams have contributed 20 open source projects, all showcased on opensource.box.com.”

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Box has open sourced 20 projects written in PHP, Python and JavaScript ranging from unit testing, systems & database monitoring to rendering beautiful HTML5. These also include Content SDKs for Windows, iOS, Java and Android as well as Metadata SDKs for Windows, iOS and Java. The license used is the Apache License, Version 2.0. Currently these projects are showcased on opensource.box.com. Take a look at the source code in the GitHub page of Box.

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