Google to kill Nexus series for premium Android Silver smartphones?

Google is developing a program called Android Silver, which would find carriers dedicating a section of their store to some of the top Android phones. The company is making this move to enhance development of premium Android smartphones and take total control over the Android ecosystem to compete with the Apple iPhone and the growing power of Samsung, the leading manufacturer of Android smartphones.

The plan, confirmed by sources of The Information, is to get rid of the Google Nexus brand and replace it with high-end Android Silver phones that are very similar to Nexus.

So what is Android Silver? It’s a new device initiative by Google to help bring premium handsets with pure, unadulterated versions of Android to carrier and retail store fronts. There are a few different components to this that make it a bit different up against the existing Nexus and Google Play Edition lines.

According to Android Police, Android Silver handsets can either be existing versions of OEM smartphones or smartphones made specifically for Android Silver. Android Silver handsets’ software will have little to no OEM or carrier customization. OEMs who offer Android Silver handsets will commit to timely updates.

To qualify for Android Silver status, a handset must “run the latest version of Android with no or very limited customizations,” and only 5 such handsets will be selected by Google for Silver status at any given time. These devices will not be sold by Google, however – at least not exclusively – this campaign is aimed squarely at carriers. Google will put up the marketing dollars for carriers and retailers to promote the handsets alongside their usual offerings.

With Google Play Editions already out there, it just seems like another shift towards Google hardware that leaves phone manufacturers with more competition. Android Silver will target the United States and other developed markets first, with in-store Android kiosks designed by Google showcasing its software.

There is no official statement by Google on this yet. Android Silver is aiming for high end so it would be interesting to see what will be the choice in the middle-end segment if there is no Nexus after Android Silver.

Source : The Verge

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  1. Since Samsung has plans to drop Android, this will probably be the best way for Google ro compete in the mobile OS market. It would be a shame to lose the more affordable vanilla option that the Nexus line provides, though.

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