Rumor: HP set to introduce a 14-inch Android notebook

The market for lightweight notebooks may get a lot messier in the coming weeks as Notebook Italia reports that HP is planning to release a 14-inch touchscreen laptop running Android, Google’s mobile operating system for phones and tablets (and now wearables), rather than its Chrome OS operating system for lightweight notebooks. Notebook Italia claims to have found a demo video and promotional pictures tucked away on HP’s website. The videos have since been removed, but some screen grabs of the video are still up.

Source: Notebook Italia

The notebook in the video features a bright, colorful, ultralight design not entirely unlike that of the HP Chromebook 14, the other laptop of the same size from the manufacturer running Google’s other operating system, which hit store shelves back in November. It also allegedly contains a 2GB memory Nvidia Tegra quad-core processor, 16GB of storage, Beats Audio, and a SIM card port for HP Datapass, capable of providing the laptop with 3G cellular connection.

The most interesting aspect of this laptop is not the design, or the features, or the price, but the choice of operation system. The Slatebook is set to run Android, possibly 4.2 Jelly Bean, which is an odd twist considering that HP offers 11″ and 14″ Chromebooks, 10″ Slate Android tablets, and the Slatebook two-in-one Android tablet.

This makes for one of the first “Androidbooks”, not a tablet, or even a hybrid, but a dedicated laptop running Android in a PC-form factor. While Chrome OS is intended for lightweight PCs and Android is intended for mobile devices, the line is increasingly blurred by this unconfirmed announcement and other rumors concerning a Chrome OS tablet.

What will the future hold for the two operating systems from Google? Will Chrome OS get cannibalized by its bigger brother, Android? Likely not, but only time will tell.

Source: Notebook Italia

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