Presence of Chromebooks in businesses grows with recent deals

Google has been busy the past few weeks, signing agreements with three companies that specialize in providing wholesale electronics for businesses. In the past, this has only been Windows and Mac computers. However, with these three deals, Google has forged a way to provide their Chromebooks in businesses.

Back in January, Synnex signed on as the first wholesale distributor to provide Google’s Chromebook Business Management Console to business looking to employ Chromebooks in their business. These tools give businesses the ability to manage Chromebooks on a large scale, and within the past couple weeks two more business, B&H Distibuting and Tech Data, have also begun to offer these tools.

Google already provided the Chromebook Business Management Console to businesses, but now these businesses can work with familiar companies to use it in their business. In addition, with major manufacturers offering Chromebooks, including Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, and Lenovo, businesses can stick with a preferred brand and have a wide variety of Chromebooks to manage.

The Chromebook Business Management Console is cloud-based, offering flexibility and accessibility to the list of reasons why businesses are switching to using Chromebooks. The Chromebook’s low cost, ease of use, and increasing potential all contribute to its growing market size. In addition, the suite of Google Apps that many businesses already use are available for Chromebooks, making the switch simple. This is why Microsoft has begun to take steps to prevent any further growth, by reducing their own prices and becoming more cloud-friendly.


With these companies marketing Chromebooks to their partners as a Windows replacement, businesses will be more willing to accept them. For example, Synnex provides training for teachers in K-12 schools on Chromebooks, so that they can use them to their full potential in the classroom. Back in January, Eddie Franklin, vice president of sales at Synnex, said, “We started talking with Google some time ago, and we identified a role we thought Synnex could fill in expanding the Chromebook channel, and we built a turnkey solution for the Chrome Management Console.”

D&H Distributing also is working with K-12 schools, and Rob Eby, the Vice President for purchasing at D&H, said, “When you look across the landscape of our SMB resellers, they list education as one of the top verticals they do business in. This gives an opportunity to offer a solution [from Google]in addition to Microsoft.”

The strong focus on the K-12 is caused by the high demand for Chromebooks in schools. As mentioned before, their low cost and ease of use give schools the ability to quickly place Chromebooks in the classrooms. However, the focus in not just on the education market; Tech Data is trying to get Chromebooks into businesses as well. Vice President of Marketing at Tech Data says that they are very confident about the growth of Chromebooks in business. “We may not have been the first to announce, but we are the largest distributor of Chromebooks in the U.S. We are well-versed in the product and ready to complete the solution and ready to roll. We’ve sold many Chromebooks to date. With the addition of our partnership with Google, this really expands our capabilities of offering the Google solutions.”

This confidence has pushed the business sector to begin adopting Chromebooks as laptops for employees. It allows schools to more easily implement the Google platform of apps for their Chromebooks.

Source: CRN

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