Unreal Engine 4.1 released with Linux, SteamOS support

If you remember from our previous post, Epic had disclosed plans to support Linux with their game engine, the Unreal Engine. That promise is now a reality with their latest iteration of the engine. The new version, Unreal Engine 4.1 now adds support, according to the release notes, Linux and SteamOS.

According to the release notes, the Linux and SteamOS support is a preview release and as such the tools need a Windows machine. But Epic is working on the Linux versions of their tools and will have them ready to be deployed on Linux pretty quick and thus fully support Linux as both a development platform and a deployment platform. The release notes read as follows:

  • You can now package your games and deploy to SteamOS and Linux!
  • For now, deploying projects to Linux requires compiling source from GitHub using a Windows computer.

So that makes Linux versions of many games just a few clicks and a Windows machine based compilation away, which is great news for gamers who are waiting for a Linux version of their favorite Unreal Engine based game. There are a lot of Unreal Engine games out there and I’m sure everyone has one that they want on Linux. Though the compiling part is a bit cumbersome, but I guess this will let developers ease into the new tools rather smoothly.

Also, since Epic did say that they are working on the Linux tools, it’s only a matter of time before the entire package hits the Linux ecosystem. For now, this preview is enough for many developers who wish to release their game on Linux. And I guess this in itself should bring news of more games hitting Linux in the coming weeks.

Source: Unreal Blog

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