Project Cars: A gorgeous Racing Sim headed for SteamOS

Racing Sims on Linux have traditionally been a bit dry. But that is soon going to change with Project Cars, one of the most visually stunning Racing Simulators to ever boost its way onto Linux. The developers, Slightly Mad Studios, have announced that the game will also be headed to SteamOS, in addition to the Xbox One, PS 4, Windows, Wii U and Mac. The release will start from November this year.

When it comes to next-gen visuals, world class physics, racing authenticity, career freedom, and variety of content, Project CARS remains the most anticipated and premier choice for race fans.

Jump into the seat of a kart and forge a career with the aim of one day winning a prestigious 24hr race in a LM Prototype car, battle bumper-to-bumper for a third consecutive championship in the world of Touring, or simply take an exotic supercar out for a beautiful drive along the coast.

Whatever your journey, Project CARS is your destination…


The announcement came over Steam Community’s Announcement page. This is great news for gamers on Linux since this is a game that is getting released on Linux along with next-gen consoles. Also from the looks of the trailers and screenshots, this game seems to be all set to be one hell of a looker.

The fact that the developers haven’t mentioned any specific release date, but only that the release will “start to happen” from November, implies that the game might not be available over all platforms at one go. It would rather be gradually rolled out on the various platforms. This just might also point to the fact that the Linux version won’t just be a port, as might be the case with the Console versions, but rather a well-sculpted game in its own right.

But again these are just speculations. The game surely seems to be pretty exciting. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned for more…

Source: Steam Community

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